Briefings for Intercessors: Undergirding prayer for key issues and moving in the flow of wider prayer

When we were moving from Chester to Ludlow in 1989, and packing a 7.5 ton van that we had hired, we will never forget Ruth, then aged four, solemnly bringing out a banana from the house and placing it in the van as her contribution! Given the scale of the ever rising... read more

Celebrating Love’s Victory

This article was inspired by, and derived from, a chapter in one of Bishop Frank Weston’s books on the theme of Love’s Victory. He had been invited to write this book at the end of the First World War in order to restore people’s confidence in the... read more

Chinese Harvest

No short prayer or summary can even begin to do justice to the full complexities of all that China is, let alone all that the Lord is doing there, but we pray that these simple thoughts may prove a worthwhile offering . . . Spirit of God, breathe new life into this... read more

Focus on the South China Sea

For at least twenty years we have flagged up the South China Sea as one of the potential flashpoints in the world. As most of you will be aware, the region has come dramatically to international prominence in the past few weeks. What once was a general open waterway –... read more