When I came across this beautiful short poem by Emily Bronte last summer I couldn’t resist having a go at rewriting it along more overtly spiritual lines to link directly to the still small voice of God. We have set it here to a spectacularly beautiful piece of music by Handel that is perhaps not as well known as it deserves: Eternal Source of Light Divine, beautifully played for us here on trumpet by Anthony Thompson. Click here for Emily Bronte’s original poem.


Oft mistaken, yet always soon returning
To the still small voice You love to lead me by
That pierces the mists of dank and dark confusion
And brings bright clarity from Your heart.

Today I will seek no lesser thing
That would leave my soul parched and dry

But visions rising, legion after legion,
As you draw me close to the real unseen.

I’ll walk, but not in weary worldly ways
That deceive by seeming high morality,
Let alone amongst the faded pages
Of complacent religious ways.

I’ll walk where Your own dear Son shall lead;
Why vex the soul by following any other guide;
Where the wild wind of your ruach Spirit blows
Iinfusing all with your heav’nly touch.

Let your leading come sweet and sure
Edge of glory revealing God, dispelling grief
The Spirit wakes my heart to feel with Yours
Bringing Heaven close and driving hell afar.



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