An Encouragement to reach out to people

Feb 27, 2014 | INSIGHTS

It was our friends Paul and Gretel Haglin from Missouri who coined a memorable phrase that has always stayed with us: “Have the courage to go in and rescue the prey whom Satan has taken captive.”

Here is an excellent example of Paul doing just that after being approached by one of the elders in his church to pray with him for an elderly lady. She had told them that Jesus had promised to heal her if she would get the elders to pray for her before the evening service. And she was clearly in a perilous condition being barely able to shuffle her way to her seat with the aid of her Zimmerframe.

It always puts you under pressure when somebody tells you something like that, but Paul reported that the anointing was strong as they prayed, without anything obvious appearing to happen. The lady looked profoundly disappointed but then, but then it happened! As Paul wrote,

“I reached over to give her a reassuring hug, and when I encircled her in my arms, 10,000 volts of God’s divine love poured through me directly from Jesus into that frail body …  she leapt out of the seat and ran down the aisle shouting, “Jesus has healed me! He said He would and He has!” As I staggered back to my seat I asked the Lord to never let me forget that power of His love to heal and deliver.

When you feel the pull of God’s love toward someone, know that He is calling you to release His healing love-flow. Be bold, pray into that love-flow and see His healing love bring wholeness to the person to whom He has drawn you.


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