Instanter Journal

Feb 27, 2014 | Devotions and Reflections, INSIGHTS

Here is a very simple instant way to offer each day to the Lord:  in a book, on a separate card, on your computer, or even on the memo of your phone, jot down upcoming events and intentions for the coming day – even those which you might not instinctively have been looking forward to! It may look just like your day’s diary, but you know that you are making a feature of these events in order to commit them to the Lord.

Later on you can easily go a step further and and make a note of what happened after the event, along with any reflections that will help you remember them. For next to no outlay of time or effort you have created an instant journal: the equivalent of a written photo album that will be a precious reminder of how God has blessed. This is a great way to preserve precious episodes and testimonies that might otherwise have been swept away. This is a beautiful concept to explore: do have a go at doing it!

This ties in with our earlier reminder to dedicate thirty seconds of prayer to whatever you are about to do. It is amazing how much God does – and says – when we are prepared to share the whole of our life with Him in such ways.


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