Praying for Spain and Catalonia with Rodrigo’s guitar concerto

Oct 4, 2017 | Audio-Visual Presentations, Flashpoints, Prayer Focus for the Nations

The second piece of music we are featuring as a piece we can use to pray with, is the stunning second movement of Joaquim de Rodrigo’s Concierto d’Aranjuez. Many would claim that this is the most beautiful piece of music ever written by a Spanish composer!

Concerning its origin, Rodrigo, who became blind at the age of three, wrote:

I heard a voice inside me singing the entire theme of the Adagio at one go, without hesitation. And immediately afterwards, without a break, the theme of the third movement. I realized quickly that the work was done. Our intuition does not deceive us in these things . . .

The music sings with the beauty of the gardens of Aranjuez in Madrid, which Rodrigo dearly loved, and which are now forever associated with his name. Just as many have read into this piece a lament for the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Spanish Civil War, we can s use the beauties and the struggles of this moving piece to pray for Spain and Catalonia concerning the serious challenges that both currently face.

Here is John William’s exquisite full length version.

And here is a shorter (illustrated) version of the Adagio. May the music inspire you to pray on many levels!






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