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Oct 20, 2017 | Events to pray for, INSIGHTS

hands clasped together in prayer for the nation

Continuing our sequence on praying for wider matters on Fridays, particularly between 1 and 1.15 . . .  The Lord will surely lead you into the prayers He has in mind for you to pray but here are just a few starter suggestions you might like to follow through on . . .

Jesus, we remember how Pilate’s wife tried to warn her husband to save You from being crucified . . . (Matt. 27:19) She did not succeed but we ask You to raise up prophetic voices who will have the courage as well as the wisdom to intervene when and wherever evil is taking root – to warn and show a better way.

Raise up a people for Your own possession in positions of influence, even as You raised up Martin Luther to spearhead the campaign against the sale of indulgences.

It is so important to remember those whom God specifically appoints and raises up to high profile positions in society. [This is an opportunity to pray specifically!]

Father, You are the God of the whole world and not just of the Church. May we live in the fullness of our calling as salt and light for You. We pray for those like Obadiah who You call to stand and serve in the palace of unpredictable rulers like King Ahab; equip them with all they need to make a difference.

One of the most remarkable stories from the Second World War concerns Felix Kersten, who, amazingly, was appointed physician to the dreaded Head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler. Despite suspicion and hostility from the Gestapo, he was never arrested himself, and, in return for providing Himmler with relief from his agonising stomach pains, managed to obtain the safe release of many people, particularly Jews, from concentration camps. His story is one of many unsung miracles arising out of the hell-inspired Third Reich period.

For insight and wisdom for those who are seeking to shape Britain’s future relationships with the EU post Brexit – and for those individuals and companies who are considering relocating.

From the menace of terrorist activities that constantly overshadows our country, Lord, deliver us. Defuse and confound the intentions of jihadists and arsonists alike.

From the greatly increased risk of nuclear war, and the incalculable destruction that would result from this, and from every kind of war, Lord, deliver us.

From callous indifference to the Lord’s gift of life, and from those without consciences, deliver us.

From abuse of women, children and animals, Father deliver us.

As large parts of the world become hotter and less inhabitable, and water supplies dwindle, Lord, be in the mass movements of people, watching over every single soul. Pray too for rain where it is most needed: not least in the south of France and throughout Africa.

[Again, customise this prayer and lift different situations before the Lord]

From all attempts to stifle in human hearts the very truth of God, and to trample underfoot Your wise and perfect commandments, deliver us.

We mourn the widespread lack of discernment that causes people either to fail to identify evil, or to choose to follow it.

From pride of heart and sins of arrogance and rebellion against the Holy Spirit, deliver us.

Finally, let’s be sure to remember to pray in particular for China, at this time when the President Xi Jinping is gathering to himself the most consolidated powers since Chairman Mao.

The spate of natural disasters

Many in America are wondering what the Lord is saying through the natural disasters the nation is experiencing. The Californian wildfires in particular have reminded me of the warnings David Wilkerson gave many years ago in his books The Vision and Racing towards Judgement. From what we can glean, there has been a widespread seeking of the Lord in Houston region following the hurricane. For example, as Doug Stringer, the President of Somebody Cares Ministries declared,

[This is a] marked moment we can look to and say, ‘God, You did a work in the church, You did a defibrillation of our hearts so we would be awakened, so we would see lasting revival and an authentic reformation that doesn’t just go from political cycle to political cycle but change the inward corruptions of the heart, change the broken cisterns . . .

Heal the fractured relationships. God, mend the fractured and cracked foundations so we can build on the unshakable kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.’


We are fast approaching that time of year when the focus of society veers to the dark side, strongly abetted by huge commercial interests.

How lovely to hear from someone this week that the Bonfire Night terrorist attack of November 5th, 1605 is not commemorated in Northern Ireland, and that the celebration of Halloween appears to be less spiritually threatening than it all too often is on this side of the Irish Sea.

Even over here, you can often sense a deep down longing for community as the children dress up and go out with their parents to knock on doors, quite possibly for the only time in the year. What shame it should be with such an emphasis . . . even so, may the Power that is above all powers overshadow our land and protect God’s people old and young alike from the spiritual heaviness so often associated with Halloween.








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