In the Lord’s Council Chamber

I was in my early twenties when the burden to pray about national about international matters went from head to heart, and I realised that the Lord is concerned with more than just our personal needs, and that His Kingdom is about far more than just Church matters.... read more

Two memorable events and the memory of a third

Launch of the new Iranian Bible in Church House, Westminster It was a great joy to join over four hundred people, many of them church and mission leaders, in launching the whole Bible in Farsi. A dedicated committee had sat for twenty years turning it into the best... read more

The Still Small Voice

As we are coming up to tenth anniversary of writing The Still Voice, we are starting  this week to serialise the book. We hope you will find much inspiration through a publication from which we continue to receive much good feedback. Lord, on the slopes of Mount... read more

The School of the Prophets

The School of the Prophets We have gradually been putting the whole of Ravens and the Prophet on line. Click here for part of the chapter on The School of the Prophets. . . On a similar theme, you might like to dip into our publication Inspired by the... read more

Captive in Iran

Captive in Iran Available from Amazon Maryam and Marziye, imprisoned for the best part of a year in the grim conditions of Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, are anything but typical young believers. For three years they had carried on a systematic and remarkably... read more

Sparkling Gems from the Greek

Several times over the past few years we have recommended this highly commendable book, which applies the full meaning of the original Greek words in the New Testament in really helpful ways. This is theology at its best: not in the least academic for the sake of it,... read more