Biased ideology: the part that idolatry played in promoting false prophecy

Jan 15, 2021 | America, PRAY

Prophetic words can be life changing – we have certainly benefited more than words can say from words of prophecy and knowledge that godly people have shared with us – but wherever hearts and minds are in any way still conformed to the pattern of the world, then chasing after such words can open the door to limitless deception. (See Rom. 12:2; also Eph. 4:22-23)

You may remember that the Lord showed Ron Cantor – see Homing in on the American Election (2) how displeased He was at the way that the church had made an idol out of President Trump, and that, rather than helping him to become more Christian, certain parts of the church have become more like Trump.

Pondering these things, I was led to Joshua 24:23 in the Living Bible. The people tell Joshua how they desire to follow the Lord, and he challenges them, “All right then, but you must destroy all the idols you now own, and obey the Lord God of Israel.”

I believe that it is nothing less than ‘rank idolatry’ (to quote Lyndall’s phrase) that lies at the root of the things that have gone so badly wrong, not least the strongly partisan spirit that has manifested itself in many of the more extreme prophecies that predicted a Trump victory. There is urgent need of some serious assessment and repentance, for these mistaken emphases have thrown such a very poor light on the prophetic ministry in recent months.

The springs of our ideology

One of the things that has been so grievous to Ros and I is the way in which so many believers have dismissed the whole of the Democratic party and its policies, even going so far as to label it as evil. They have genuinely come to believe that God is effectively a Republican, and that you cannot be a good Christian and a Democrat at the same time. It troubles me deeply that this bias is openly taught in many Christian schools, ensuring that the next generation are imbibing it.

How we must pray for wiser counsel to prevail! The deep wounds of our nations are not to be healed by party politics, or even good law-making, but by repentance and humility and the renewing of our minds in the Spirit of Jesus. Lord, please have mercy on us and help us

As we shall be seeing, a number of those who prophesied things that have not come to pass are now coming forward to apologise and say they were wrong. But there are many more who are still believing things that are not birthed in the heart of God. These must be addressed rather than swept under the carpet.

Part of the problem is that there has been a lack of proper emphasis on that which Paul insisted holds everything together: the belt of truth. If we do not have truth in our hearts and ‘buckled like a belt around our waist’ (Eph. 6:14) we will find ourselves at the mercy of every whim and whiff of fake news on the one hand, and spiritual adultery on the other. To quote from the song Jesus be the Centre, let’s pray for Jesus to be the vision, path and guide – surely the best antidote to the idolatry that has taken hold.


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