A time has come to take a stand, by Lyndall Bywater

Jan 15, 2021 | America, INSIGHTS, PRAY

In this clear and thoughtful analysis, Lyndall helps us to see that whatever genuine anointing may have been on him, it has now been lifted, as well as the fact that each of us tends to speak out of our own beliefs and ideologies, and these may need examining themselves.

May the Lord sharpen and refine His process of cleaning and clearing the springs of our heart!

I have been doing some reflecting around some of the issues we’ve touched on regarding prophecy and the situation in the USA. With a steady stream of confessions/apologies now starting to come in from prophets who prophesied Trump’s re-election, and the equal and opposite tide of voices becoming ever more strident with certainty that he will still be president for another term, I found myself trying to sort some of the tangled strands.

We are dealing with two different but related issues here. They are one inside the other, like Russian dolls. The issue of prophetic accuracy regarding Trump’s re-election is the smaller doll and it is the one we can all most easily grasp, because it is entirely measurable (either he will or he won’t serve a second term), and because it is something none of us have done (that is, none of us have prophesied his second term). It is easy to stand together in confronting this smaller doll.

The other, larger doll is very much more serious and deep-rooted, and it is the issue of prophesying out of an ideology. Many prophetic words I’ve heard over recent years have been full of this, and I find it grieves my spirit deeply when I hear it. The ideology I see most often in those prophesying Trump’s second term is basically a right-wing political worldview which holds that God disapproves of any Christian who has a left-wing worldview, and which vilifies the Democratic Party and its people, defining them as somehow tools of the enemy. To equate God’s Kingdom rule with any one party or political outcome is rank idolatry in my view because it aligns God with the ways, thoughts and ideologies of man.

I should state humbly at this point that we are all capable of prophesying out of ideologies because we all have them and they’re part of being human, but spiritual wisdom and maturity is to recognise your own ideologies and be able to step out of them to see their flaws and pitfalls.

This outer Russian doll is huge and firmly established, but it needs to be dismantled. The Church needs to stand (and prophesy) around the truth that God is beyond and above politics. That does not mean, as my Salvation Army forbears used to think, that we have nothing to do with it. It means that we involve ourselves in it actively, wherever our own ideologies most faithfully lead us, but we stand and pray together across the broad spectrum of opinions, trusting that God will work, through the precious gifts of democracy and human cooperation, to bring in his wonderful kingdom. The “Right is right” mentality runs entirely counter to that.

And this is the nub, and it’s where I believe we may be being called to make a choice. For me, I deeply value this idea of democratic consensus and cooperation and I believe it is the best way to let God be God in this world. It is also what I suspect Joe Biden and his team value (to some degree at least). But because I value it so highly, it is hard to ever have to say that someone else’s way is wrong, dangerous or ungodly. I want everyone to be at the table. This does however mean that I can end up staying too quiet on matters where I believe the enemy to be at work. I’d rather turn a blind eye and hope that people see his influence for themselves and renounce it.

This reticence is sometimes reflected in the prayer movement too. If you’re sure you’re right and that others are wrong, you’re likely to be swift to take up arms in spiritual warfare; if you’re more consensus-minded and are deliberately slow to call anything “wrong” you will be much slower to warfare. I consider myself to be in the latter group, and on the whole, I’d rather be slow to battle than over-hasty with my sword, but I sense a time has come.

Sadly, a vast chunk of the Church in the world (and particularly in the USA) seems to be buying ever deeper into this idea of God being a Republican (or conservative or socialist or whatever their own political party is called), and I do believe that the enemy is using this . . . that he is ‘camping out’ so to speak in places where this view has become so strong that it is no longer open or humble enough to even consider another view. And much though I don’t like having to do it, I do believe God is calling me to stand in prayer against this, and against the deceit which is being perpetrated because of it. I do it reluctantly and cautiously, but I do it.

I’m going to guess that many of us did that four years ago . . . that we looked at Trump being inaugurated and said: “This is profoundly uncomfortable for me and even seems counter to Your ways, Lord, but I choose to trust that You can and will work around, above and beyond this man to accomplish Your Kingdom purposes, and I will trust You and keep an open heart and mind.”

Unfortunately, we’ve also had to face the disappointment that Trump didn’t turn out to be a good leader after all. You could say we were proved right, but still, we say “Lord, You are at work and we trust You.” Then, as the 2020 election hung in the balance, we said it again: “Lord, not our ideologies but Your will be done, even if that means working with a second Trump term.”

Having kept our hearts soft, our minds open and our wills humble and surrendered, we now get a nudge from God to take a stand in prayer, and, for me at least, I know I need to trust that call. I wish every voice hailing Trumpian republicanism as the kingdom of God nothing but good and blessing. They have served the purposes of God well and faithfully in so many ways, but I pray they will have their eyes opened to see the error in their thinking – and the error isn’t that God is a Republican, it’s that God would endorse any one political viewpoint over another. Political ideologies are human; God’s ways and thoughts are far higher. I pray that God will confound them by showing them the error in their prophesying, but only because it will allow them to see how much bigger he is. I pray that they will stop pursuing the false ideology that the kingdom will only come when the church holds political power, and will stop teaching and prophesying out of that falsehood, but only because it is so much smaller and lesser than the thing God really longs to do in our world.

A wise prophet said to me a few years ago that Donald might well signal the sounding of “the last trump” for a certain part of the church. I sense he might be right. An end is coming, but so is a beginning.

Lyndall has explained this well: both her own position and the realities of the situation. There is a time when we have to take a stand and, like Lyndall, I believe the Lord is saying that time is now. It isn’t at all comfortable, but there are times when He insists on wrong practices or beliefs being confronted: not to do so would be to miss His heart entirely.

What we are not saying here is that every true Christian needs to declare right-wing politics wrong. That would be to adopt the same stand as those who declare true Christians cannot be Democrats. But when we see something is clearly wrong, there comes a time not only to acknowledge it is wrong, but to be willing to confront the error The way we do this will vary from person to person.

Towards the end of the book of Revelation, we find a list of characteristics that will lead to exclusion from the Kingdom of God. All the usual types are there – murder, sorcery and so on – but it is to the first and last items that I would like to draw your attention. The very first entry in the list concerns cowardice. (Rev. 21:8) It is so easy to allow the fear of man to become a snare that keeps us from living and moving in the fear of God. But Jesus said, “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in Heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.” (Matt. 10:32-33)

Is there anything the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about here?

Many have been deeply afraid of the consequences that would come their way should they challenge President Trump about either his actions, or the mountainous untruths he has propagated. And that directs us to the last entry on the Lord’s checklist: liars.

Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of ‘Public Enlightenment and Propaganda’ in Nazi Germany, worked on the principal that so long as you keep repeating them, you can sell the biggest lies imaginable and people will eventually come to believe them. The mass ‘sign-up’ to a lie seems to release a power that the enemy can lay hold of and use to wreak great suffering and destruction. The German nation was taken in by Goebbels’ propaganda and the hierarchical and legalistic philosophies propounded by men such as Nietzsche, which became embedded in Nazi thinking and behaviour.

We have felt at times uncomfortably close to witnessing the first signs of something similar developing in America today, where millions upon millions of American citizens believe that the election was rigged, regardless of the fact that there is no evidence to prove such claims. We should be concerned, too, because America remains a deeply racist country, with white supremacism, like the myth of Aryanism, still holding a massive appeal for all too many – rather as the profoundly supremacist Azov Battalion is having a major impact in in strengthening the extreme far right in Ukraine.

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  1. Robin Lloyd

    thank you for your terrific comment-just shows how obsessive mindsets can influence entire nations partly through manipulation of social media & partly through ignorance. Time indeed, to confront & turn back this ugly tide . I like to think of the Holy Spirit as our immune system & also as our inoculation against this type of virus-

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