Homing in on the American Election (2)

Nov 27, 2020 | INSIGHTS

What the Lord said to the regional director of GOD TV Israel about the election result

Within the context the of political, and spiritual divisions in America, and the ‘neither-sidedness’ of the Lord’s hosts in Heaven – or rather of their Heaven-sidedness – let’s turn our attention to the intriguing insight the Lord gave to a Republican supporter, two months before the election. This link was sent to me quite separately, by two friends to a blog post by Ron Cantor, regional director of GODTV Israel. In it, Ron describes how the Lord spoke to him a couple of months before the election, and told him not only that Joe Biden would win it, but also why.

What we found particularly convincing was the fact that the writer is an established Republican voter – and that by writing and speaking out as he has now done, he risks losing ministry support. But as he says, ‘I have to be true to what I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. What’s the purpose of being a minister if I shy away from what I believe to be true?’

Our primary concern in considering this word is not to court controversy, but to seek the kingdom of God. We believe that what Ron heard from the Lord potentially lends a different perspective to the election, and it is one that we would like to invite you to examine for yourselves. May the Lord help us to see things through His eyes, rather than through our own coloured lenses!

What follows is Ron’s brief overview of what he felt he heard from the Lord. Perhaps it is important to say that he was not thereby seeking to endorse the Democrat programme; he was simply relaying the verdict he believed the Lord had shown him. And because he is primarily addressing American readers and voters, of course, and those who vote for President Trump in particular, we have left the American spellings unchanged!

In early September I had an unexpected experience, whereby I sensed the Spirit of God clearly tell me that Joe Biden would win the election. I wasn’t praying or asking God who would win – it was completely unexpected.

I heard: it is because of the Church’s idolizing of President Trump. (Not everyone in the body, but enough that God was upset.)

I sensed him saying that this was not His perfect will, that He had intended him to serve four more years, but Christian leaders had become more like Trump, than Trump like Jesus. And many believers over the past four years have imitated his brash, mean-spirited behavior on social media.

We have mingled political zeal with the Gospel, which has led us to an unholy concoction and deception, a message about issues lacking focus on the call to salvation – the central message of the New Testament.

This mixture has led to a plethora of, what appears to be, as of now, false prophecies regarding the election.

I immediately shared with Dr. Michael Brown, a trusted friend and mentor. [Michael is a noted proponent of Messianic Judaism and the Charismatic Movement.] I also shared this – before the election with around 20 people, mostly leaders whom I respect, including Dr. Mark Chironna [Founder of The Masters Touch International Church and The Dream Builders Network] and Ward Simpson, [President and CEO of GOD TV] as well as my own leadership team, to whom I am submitted.

I had no sense from the Lord to share it publicly before the election. I could not see any value in doing that, and saw that it could be injurious. And even after the election, it seemed presumptuous, as many were passionately praying for President Trump to be vindicated and confirmed for four more years. I counseled with other leaders, who agreed it would be wise to wait.

I felt the Lord strongly visit me again early on election day, as I was questioning Him on the issue, and He confirmed to me, that indeed Biden would win. It was with crystal clarity, such as I have rarely experienced.

I share it with you now in hopes that we can repent of the misplaced loyalty and idolatry in a person or “brand” and be healed, pushing forward the task of sharing the Gospel in every nation and restoring our bruised image in the eyes of those who need salvation. Many non-believers have been shocked at the blind loyalty that many (not all) evangelicals gave to Trump.

And I do understand that many were ‘reluctant Trump voters’ who do not idolize him, but voted for platform issues, such as pro-life and Israel. I am in that category.

I submit this to you for your discernment. I am certainly fallible. I am sure many will disagree, and I am okay with that. May the love of Yeshua unite us all.

If you still believe God said Trump would have a second term and that you should contend for that in the Spirit, then do what you feel God has called you to do. The warnings I’m sharing here stand just the same: we have mixed the Gospel with politics in an unhealthy way and have put our trust in Trump in an idolatrous way. Even if a miracle happened and he was, in fact, re-elected, which seems less likely with each passing hour, proving the other prophets true, the warning here remains the same.

Click here to read the word the Lord gave Ron in full, and to see in much greater detail what lies behind and beyond it.

Did the Lord intend for Trump to win?

There are some aspects here that may give us cause for thought. Ron clearly believed that Donald Trump really was the Lord’s anointed and preferred candidate to win this election. That would align with those who have believed that he was anointed to be a type of Cyrus figure. The way the word comes across, however, it could also be taken by some to indicate that Joe Biden was God’s second-best choice – and even a ‘judgement on the Church.’

These are things we must make our own judgement call about – although, as you know, in Part two in this series, I sought to show that Biden’s faith appears to go well beyond the skin deep. There is comfort in knowing that the Lord knew the outcome of the election all along and that in one sense He needs no Plan B, so seamlessly do His plans merge together. He is ‘in’ this, as He said so clearly to me when I woke on election day. Let’s pray for discernment and pray for the love of Yeshua to unite us all! And to find ways to ‘put love into practice’, ‘bearing all things with great patience.’ (https://www.bible.com/bible/compare/1CO.13.7)

But the main issue here is not a political one at all, but where our loyalty lies. This is not a message simply for America, but for every one of us. Is there any idolatry in my heart?

False prophecies regarding the outcome of the election?

Ron Cantor refers to ‘a plethora of, what appears to be, as of now, false prophecies regarding the election.’

The impact of the prophetic voice has been concerning. The fact that so many continue to pour out their hearts in prayer and stir each other to pray for a great shift and reversal, troubles us. From the outset I have feared that such practices would be come close to ‘shadow boxing,’ causing people to invest huge amounts of time, energy and hope in something that was not going to happen. On this point, of course, time will tell, and everyone must act and follow as the Lord leads them.

That said, it is worth taking note of this perspective. “Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th. To say this constitutes living in reality. If I told you there was an excellent, phenomenal chance that (the Supreme Court) will step in and deliver a victory to President Trump, I’d be lying to you.” (That is the view of Fox News, who have long been Trump’s greatest supporter in the media).

In all this, do remember, I am tending to speak here as if certain things had or had not happened, and will or will not take place. I would like to think that that is what many call the ‘prophetic perfect tense’ – that is, speaking of future events as if they had (or had not) already happened. There will be only too much time for me to make revisions and apologies galore if these things yet prove not to be so!

In the meantime, we find it disturbing to see just how many believers have bought into the idea that President Trump must serve a second term if God is to win the battle for the hearts and minds of America. Since God is bigger than any one president, we would suggest that what they have bought into therefore must have an element of the delusional about it. The nature of any delusion is that it contains a trap. For those caught up in it, however, these ways of thinking appear entirely logical and self-consistent once you are inside them – but they look very strange from the outside – where the reputation of the white evangelical community has taken a huge battering in the eyes of so many across the nation.

Only too easily do rousing talks, rallying calls and even bible verses appear to fuel, feed and ‘confirm’ that way of thinking. It takes perspective, and sometimes outside challenge to have the humility and the honesty to ask if these things are really so, and then to be willing to admit error and to change course. At that point, however, so many prefer to retrench into familiar beliefs and habits at such times, and to duck the challenge. These are pivotal moments in any person or organisation’s history. The devil will try i) to say there weren’t wrong in the first place, or ii) that it is too costly to change, and there is no way back or out. Not so! Do you remember what I said before about having the humility to go back to the fork in the road?

So let’s be willing to heed Ron Cantor’s call to keep our focus on the things of God and the ways of God – in other words on the Kingdom of God and rather than on any political party. We are always at risk of going astray when we exalt the political above the spiritual.

By their fruit . . . ?

Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions. (Matt. 7:20 NLT)

One way we can keep a godly perspective, and keep from delusions, is to examine the fruit that is being produced, to see if it is good, and something that the Kingdom of God can endorse. Donald Trump’s response to losing the election is nothing out of the ‘ordinary’ for him. It has long been his habit to launch floods of law suits that are high in rhetoric but low in substance. It is just the global significance of these particular cases that is on an altogether different scale.

In order to gain a true perspective of someone it is often helpful to see where they are coming from, and how they tend to respond in specific situations. (Not always of course, because people can be transformed: think Saul of Tarsus who became St Paul!). By this criterion, however, we can see the tactics that the litigious tactics so intensely deployed by President Trump and his legal team in recent days are entirely in keeping with those that characterised his thirty years as a businessman dealing with properties. During that time, he launched no fewer than 3500 lawsuits – and these were his guiding principles:

• Never admit defeat even when a case has been lost,
• Sue with a series of “bombastic claims”
• Aim to benefit from the “resulting chaos” – either because our {our meaning Trump} adversaries lose courage and step down, or because new developments open up in our favour.
(See https://www.ft.com/content/74d8a848-4dad-4017-9226-5deb0a005045)

By contrast, Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving speech was full of sincere attempts to reach out how to make bridges for unity in the nation. He spoke about loving your neighbour; about the need for the virulency in the political dialogue to come to an end, and to remember that ‘we are war with the virus not with each other.’ In this he came across, as one commentator delightfully put it, as ‘part priest, part coach (because he really has been there himself with regard to major grief in his life) and part motivator’. We can ask for no more, but should be praying for him – something that those who support Donald Trump seem to find incredibly hard to do. Do you?

Despite the reassurance the President has given that he intends to concede once the Electoral College has certificated the results, the run up to January 20th may still be a vulnerable and even a dangerous period as many have warned. It is right not to take the foot off the gas in prayer.

I am glad that i am not an American and am therefore neither a Republican nor a Democrat. But we certainly found it encouraging that Joe Biden has spoken from Ecclesiastes on this being a time to heal, and that the proposed Secretary of State spoke of taking office in a spirit of ‘humility and confidence.’

All deserve our prayers – from those feeling bitterly disappointed (and angry) by the way things are developing, to the large number of people who will be appointed to office come January 20th. It can only be right to pray for the new Transition Team, and against lasting damage being done by the divisions in the nation.

A man who changed his mind on the course of the election

It is always important to note what God is doing in people’s hearts, as opposed to just assuming that this is God’s second best, or, in extreme cases, that that is just a purely secular viewpoint.

I found the following message telling that I was sent by a dear friend, an anointed German intercessory leader. It speaks of a change of heart that happened to him in the course of the election itself.

Thank you very much for your insightful article Democracy on Trial 1 2. Before and during election I was convinced that Donald Trump should win the election. While Joe Biden was catching up and his election victory was expected, I became more and more nervous. But when the result was clear, I suddenly felt a deep peace and knew that God’s will had been done. A sympathy and love for Joe Biden came into my heart, which amazed me. As I did some research on his life (which I had not done before), I realized that he had retained humility and vulnerability, which are good foundations for this hard job. Let us pray that God will use him to bring healing to this great nation and its Christianity!

On the other hand, I am very ashamed of our German media who treated Donald Trump like an annoying virus that needs to be eradicated to make way for the Saviour Biden. This is unfortunately hardly an exaggeration. America has done so much for Germany and Trump has also done a lot of good in his term of office, which is grudgingly acknowledged. So we as nation also need forgiveness and healing.


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