A Pilgrim’s Inn Psalm – A joyous Round!

Apr 26, 2021 | Artistry and Poems, LISTEN, Song Presentations, Soundcloud Prayers

Here is something entirely uplifting: a tune to set your heart and feet a-dancing. We took Sellinger’s Round, a popular sixteenth century dance, and had fun arranging it for different instruments, including recorders, lutes, bassoons pretending to be crumhorns, percussion and trumpets.
Picture a cheerful innkeeper raising a measure to King Jesus, and inviting all who are bound toward Heaven to join him! Shades of Pilgrim’s Progress and perhaps of Psalm 150 as well!

A psalm of praise is a door to life and a gate to Heaven,
so let praise fill the air, and thanksgiving our hearts.
Not to Bacchus will we raise our glass,
but to Jesus Christ our Shepherd King.

With life springing forth from the wells of our hearts
we uplift and exhort fellow pilgrims on the way.
Unending streams of praise that rejoice the Lord’s heart
as we raise our tankards to the Lamb’s own standard.
(Lev. 7:12, Heb. 13:15)


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