You love to speak

Apr 17, 2015 | Audio-Visual Presentations

Thank you, Sally, for creating this lovely YouTube, and Francis Cummings for playing the beautiful ‘Winter’ movement from Vivaldis exquisite ‘Four Seasions.’

You love to speak Lord
beyond the need for words.

You yearn for our company
and long to impart some fresh dimension
to our comprehension.

You listen to our inmost thoughts
and bring us to a place of inner quiet.

Guard our hearing
for listening is ever the gateway
to intimate communion that both you and we are longing for.

Thank you Lord that from times of old
You have raised up seers and prophets bold
who share your heart and show what makes a people great.

We praise You for the worldwide company of praying saints
who refuse to forsake their God given tasks
and never cease to seek You for the removal of our masks
so that Your power can reach this generation’s heart.

Raise up an anointed band
who hear your voice
and stride out through the land.


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