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Apr 17, 2015 | Mission Africa

First some encouraging updates

The team recently re-visited Lusenke, and had the great joy of baptising scores of the new believers in the nearby Nile and giving out Bibles. On arrival they were delighted to find that:

  • This area, formerly a place of murder and violence, now has an entirely new sense of peace.
  • The tiny host church, which previously numbered twenty, now has the challenge of finding physical space for (and discipling!) eighty new converts!
  • Two witchdoctors have since “upped sticks” and left the region.
  • The Fagin figure, who trained boys to steal, has also departed. Thank You, Lord!

A queue forming to be baptised in the River Nile!










Let the little children come to Me

Among the new converts were over ninety children – but there is an acute shortage of Sunday School teachers in any of the churches to teach them! We have therefore arranged for a team from Evangelism Explosion to spend five days training forty prospective teachers from twenty churches. Please join us in prayer for this to be exceedingly effective. We are also prayerfully exploring ways of helping the host church to overcome their problem of being obliged to work in such a limited space!

Mission to Luguloire – 4-11th May: Light versus Darkness!

The mission we conducted eight years ago in this village on the other side of the Nile was one of the most fruitful that we have ever undertaken. This was almost entirely due to the fires that God lit in the hearts of Jane Waigaga and her fellow pastors in the area. There is such power and blessing that comes when God’s people work together in unity in joint evangelistic endeavours. Jane has become one of Mission Africa’s most effective team leaders.

Whenever there is a great move of God like this, it is all but inevitable that the enemy will retaliate by stirring up opposition. He often uses roots of jealousy as one of his primary tools. This has been happening, and this is a call to lift up the shield of faith against these destructive foes as we send a strong team to encourage the pastors in their bid to bring more of the light of God to this once dark region.

Pray for Pastor Jane Naigaga as she leads this team, and for Pastor Daniel Kato as he supports her.

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Challenges for Prayer

  • Despite the strong church that was established as a result of the mission, and subsequent evangelistic efforts, the village remains the main centre for demonic sacrifice for the Kamuli district.
  • A false prophet has succeeded in damaging the host church by saying many negative words about it, thereby creating resentment and even hatred.
  • The mission will be held in a wet season. This is obviously a particularly busy time for the subsistence farmers as they weed their crops. May their legitimate work not be a hindrance for those the Lord would have attend!
  • Consent is needed from the Church of Uganda to use their land – which is the only practical site for the crusade.
  • Being in the east of the country, close to the Kenyan border, there is an added security risk from Islamic militants.

Please join us in very specific prayer for all the points above, as well as for:

  • The light of the Lord to break in the village and surrounding area
  • Protection and anointing on the mission team (and their families) as well as on all who come to know the Lord
  • The Lord to outmanoeuvre the false prophet, and cause all his efforts to turn people against the church and mission to come to nothing
  • Dynamic and Spirit-led unity among the pastors
  • Very many to be saved, healed and delivered in this challenging area – including numerous children, from whom will come forth mighty future leaders!

Let’s join together in thanking God in advance that many of these “mountains” and challenges will be cast down as we press in in prayer. May He do immeasurably more than we can hope or imagine, according to His power that is within us.

Terry Charlton and Steve Trint
on behalf of the Mission Africa Evangelistic Team

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