Journeying with David in a dry and waterless place – Reflections inspired by Psalm 63

Jul 14, 2023 | READ

A Psalm of David, when he was in the Wilderness of Judah.

Nearly a year ago, we recorded a lovely verse by verse meditation on Psalm 63. It was very special, but in one of those curious ‘God-ordained but disguised as a disappointment’ moments, the file went missing in the recording studio. When I thought about re-recording it, I found the Lord leading me not to repeat my ‘exegeses’ of the psalm so much as to write a series of reflections inspired by the theme of coping with dark and dry times, and to draw from time to time on some of David’s other psalms.

Although we cannot be completely sure of the context of the psalm – David found himself in the wilderness on several occasions, and some of the details are inevitably lost in the mists of time. The fact that he appears to refer to himself as ‘the king’ towards the end of the psalm has led most commentators to believe it was written in response to the life-threatening coup that his son Absalom launched against him.

At one level, we can read it as a victorious account of God’s faithfulness in bringing David through one of the greatest trials of his life. It is wonderful to hear such stories! But there is also much to be gained in sharing events as they unfold, when we are still going through the mill and there are no neat bows tying all the ends together. Testimonies like this draw others into our journey, rounding up strategic prayer that often releases crucial spiritual insights and direction that we might otherwise not have been blessed with.

In this presentation, we are journeying (and sitting!) with David in the desert as he wonders what the future holds for him, and allowing some of the thoughts and emotions he might have experienced at that time to become our own. I hope it will prove encouraging as we go through our own challenging times.

Because I have wanted to make this an immersive experience, many of the tracks are written from the viewpoint of David himself, and are set to some really beautiful and expressive music. They are also accompanied by notes that extend our understanding of the whole wilderness experience. Various insight and episodes from my own times ‘in the wilderness’ have been filtered and adapted into these reflections, which themselves are very much an integral part of the presentation.

Let’s enter this rugged terrain, therefore – and may the Lord inspire us to seek Him and overcome the challenges we face, just as David did.



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