Taste in the air – a profoundly uplifting song by Carol

Jul 21, 2023 | PRAY, Song Presentations

This exquisite prayer declaration by Carol Lee Sampson speaks not only to our own hearts but also to nations.

Oh Lord – heal this land,
For Your glory, for Your glory, heal our land.

There’s a taste in the air, an aroma in the breeze . . .
A sense of something stirring, a wind to change to come.
Oh God, You’re calling us to be as one;
Your Spirit here is moving,
in the hearts of young and old
Like the petals of a flower,
Your purposes unfold,

O Lord – restore, Oh Lord, revive all the weary hearts
Oh Lord – deliver us,
Oh Lord – heal this land
For Your glory, for Your glory
For Your glory, for Your glory
For Your glory, for Your glory, heal our land,

Wherever there is darkness, wherever there is pain
Wherever there’s injustice, where sin has left its stain,
When evil locks its talons of fear upon our land
We lift our eyes to You God,
and on Your truth we stand:
Oh, there is no power greater than the power of Your Word,
And there is no one higher,
than the living, risen Lord,
We shout into the darkness, “Yes let there be light!”
Let Your kingdom come Lord, Your glory shine so bright….

Let the eyes of all, look to You
At this time when we so need You
And be merciful, to us all we pray….
‘Cos You’re the
God of all, compassion
Reaching down to us, with mercy
and forgiving all, our rebellious ways.


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