Praying for Iran

Sep 5, 2023 | PRAY, Prayer Focus for the Nations

As we rejoice that several wrongfully imprisoned Americans in Evin prison look set to be released, (in return for the release of 6 billion dollars of frozen Iranian assets), let’s not forget about all the others who are held in Evin prison – and to pray for the Spirit of God to be at work in that and other Iranian jails, and for the many Christians who are under great pressure in that country.

The Lord led me some years ago to invest considerable time and energy writing a musical presentation based around Evin prison, which was originally inspired by reading the book ‘Captive in Iran’. The text depicts the true story of a woman who was taken from her home and imprisoned in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. It feels the right time to release it again, and to give us a fresh boost to pray for Iran, at this time when its extreme propaganda is increasingly making an impact over here too, and causing great concern to our government, who consider that in its own way Iran poses every bit as grave a risk as Russia.

Join Colin, Elizabeth, Ros and I in this presentation to pray on behalf of those who are imprisoned for their faith in Iran, and elsewhere.

For the record: I interwove my own music here with the slow movement from one of Antonio Vivaldi’s oboe concertos, plus an arrangement of ‘Dobru Noc’, a Czech folk song that Dvorak made famous, and which Justin Coldstream arranged for us for string quartet.


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