Typhoon Yolanda – Update

Dec 12, 2013 | Events to pray for, Prayer Focus for the Nations

Update on Bruce and Jo’s Trip to the Philippines

Bruce and Jo returned home yesterday, having previously sent through several further reports, in which the full extent of the ways in which the Lord had been using them really stood out.

Many people wanted to hear and see the pictures they had taken in Tacloban, and this led to remarkable opportunities to witness and lead people to the Lord.

In one impromptu gathering Bruce suggested that because so many were in shock, they should hold a Church service. The idea was enthusiastically received, and Bruce led people in inviting the Holy Spirit to help them with their memories of the storm, and to be able to say goodbye to those who had lost their lives, as well as for His help in rebuilding. During a ten minute silence the Lord worked deeply in people’s lives.

Bruce made heroic attempts to obtain and transport three large generators and one hundred and fifty large tarpaulins to where they were needed most.  In that particular warehouse, Bruce managed to call the people together. They closed the tills down, and all the staff and customers gathered together. Bruce preached. and then they went outside to bless the generators. The manager, not a believer, prayed well, as did several teenagers. This really opened people’s hearts for the Lord to work.

The journey with the generators was hair-raising beyond imagining but somehow or other by God’s grace they got there. He even bumped into a Japanese man he knew from over twenty years ago, who has now become a Christian and was working with an aid organisation. It was all the more moving to see large scale Japanese cooperation in Leyte, which Imperial forces had so brutally invaded and occupied seventy years ago!!

Thank you so much to those of you who enquired about how to give to this work. If the Lord is prompting, please get in touch with us about this and we will forward the details to you. And please do continue to uphold them as they are now very very tired, and will be experiencing reverse culture shock returning to the Hampshire coast after all they have experienced in these past three weeks of utterly intense witness and service.

First trip into the disaster zone


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