Two precious tracks from Spirit of Prayer

Sep 28, 2020 | Artistry and Poems, LISTEN, Soundcloud Prayers

Two lovely offerings to refresh us on our way from Spirit of Prayer

When we posted the draft version of this piece, SoundCloud contacted us, thinking that we had used a recording played by a world famous ensemble. good for our musicians, led by Thomas Herzog playing beautiful movement from Mozart’s oboe quartet. It’s lovely!

First and foremost this is a piece to celebrate the glories of God’s creation. the Lord could have created one fern and one tree, and that would have been an amazing feat – but He created thousands!

There is something very poignant about the extreme variety of experience people are going through in these uncertain times too.

The words are also a celebration of the glories of God’s creation, but also a poignant reflection of the extreme variety of experience people are having in these uncertain times – from those enjoying deep friendships to those whose relationships feel as though they are spinning out of control. Likewise for those embarking on fresh adventures or racing from appointment to appointment whilst others are benumbed by boredom, and who would welcome the chance to come on board with some fresh venture.’

There are times in life of extreme suffering,
but God also wants us to delight in His goodness,
and in the wonder of his Creation.

Lord Jesus,
You showed us in Your parables
that You delight in finding things;
and prodigal offspring.

Discover some new way
to mastermind heavenly solutions
to meet people’s deepest needs.

Be a finding God we pray –
and direct the hearts of the inwardly homesick
to respond to the wooing of your calling in image, word or music.
We pray now for those you lead us to.

We pray for those with dates in their diary,
and other lovely things to look forward to;

For those making deeper friendships –
and for those whose relationships are spinning out of control;

For those with few encounters on their calendar,
or who are unable to travel very far.

For those who are embarking on fresh adventures,
and those benumbed with boredom,
who would welcome the chance
to come on board with some new venture.

Mozart Oboe Quartet first Movement

Bring Your Work to Completion

Set to beautiful music by Linda Louisa, enjoy this opportunity God’s blessing on specific friends whom you love and cherish. How special He is and they are! May the whole piece resonate deeply within your heart.

This is an opportunity to bless specific people who you care for deeply using various Scriptures as your starting point. May these prayers and meditations inspire you to turn many other verses in the Psalms, Proverbs, Prophets and New Testament into living prayer.

May the Lord, who has begun a good work in you,
help you to work out your salvation with fear and trembling
and bring His work to completion in Christ Jesus.
(Phil:1:6, 2:12)

As you pass through the rushing waters
may they not overwhelm you.
May the Lord keep you from being burned in the fire
(Isaiah 43:2)

May the troubles you go through
achieve an exceeding and eternal weight of glory,
as you keep your eyes fixed not on what is seen
but on what is unseen.
(2 Cor. 4:17-18)

As you wait on the Lord, may your strength be renewed,
so that you can mount up on eagle’s wings,
run and not grow weary
walk and not grow faint.
(Is. 40:31)

May your heart be discerning and acquire knowledge.
(Pvbs 18:15)
May the Lord keep you from answering before you listen,
for that would be your folly and your shame.
(Pvbs. 15:13)

May you learn from your afflictions
(Ps. 119:67, 71)
and when you feel offended,
may you not bar the gates of your heart,
for walls are easy to build
but so much harder to dismantle.
(Pvbs. 18:19)

I pray that God will bless you and enlarge your border,
that His hand will be with you
and that He will keep you from evil
so it might not hurt you.
(1Chron 4v1).

May the Lord build His hedge around you,
and your house,
and all you have on every side.

May the Lord give you discretion and good judgement.
May He give you success in building the house of the Lord.
May you be strong and courageous
and neither afraid nor discouraged.
(1 Chron. 22:11-14)

May you have the tongue of one who is taught,
and speak a word in season to him who is weary.
May the Lord waken you morning by morning
to listen to His voice.
(Is. 50:4)

May your faith remain strong,
even in the face of great sifting.
(Luke 22:31-2).
May you know authority and power to trample upon scorpions,
and strength over all the powers that confront you.
(Luke 10:19)

May the Spirit of Truth guide you into all truth
and reveal the things that are God’s to you.

May it always be your goal to please Him,
so that when you stand before the judgement seat,
you may receive the rewards that are due to you.
(2 Cor. 5:10)

As you contemplate the path of your life,
may the Lord guide your steps.
Through the fear of the Lord may you be kind to the needy, and
(Pvbs. 16:6, and 1 Sam. 2:9)
may He keep your spirit from being crushed
(Pvbs. 17:22, 18:14);
may your feet be beautiful as you walk in your destiny.
and keep your heart at peace.
(Pvbs. 14:30)


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