The Shield of Faith

Jun 7, 2013 | Audio-Visual Presentations, INSIGHTS

The Shield of Faith
Before this battle reaches storm force
raise the shield of faith and let me hear your voice.
Hear St Paul telling you to put on every item of the
heavenly kit to resist the strategies from the pit.

Be strong in the Lord, and in His mighty power! (Eph. 6:10)
Lift up the thureos – that splendid shield of faith
so wide in width and long in length
that protects against endless flame tipped darts
shaped and sharpened in the fires of hell
and directed against your hearts.

Strong, strong must be the arm that lifts
those tightly bonded leather hides
that protect from every foe and fear,
waiting in ambush to slow your path.
Thorough, thorough must be the caring
of both shield and warrior
as you exercise the arm that wields the shield.

See in spirit Roman soldiers dipping their cloths in vials of oil
burnishing their shields
to keep them in tip top condition
lest they brittle and buckle in the heat of the struggle;
for even a little negligence on their part
can leave the warrior bereft.

For this shield of faith goes far to debar all that thwarts and batters the soul,
and which threatens to drown and confound the sound of My voice.

Shield director, Saviour of the world,
save us from being rattled as the battle ratchets up; for by our confession.
For by our confession,
and through our intercession,
we will withstand,
and You will win new ground from the enemy’s hand!

Blessed are those who refuse to take offence at Me
when things become intense; (Matt. 11:6)
but who rather take up sword and shield
and advance into the midst of the very situations
that the enemy designed to snare and divert.

For faith that is steadfast sure and certain
is as pulsatingly beautiful to Me
and every bit as appealing
as the fragrance of wild flowers to honey bees.
All will see the things I do,
and the righteous will rejoice.

The Shield of Faith

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  1. Trish Neeves

    Thank you Rob – a lot to meditate on, digest and then act on. Rise up Warriors of Prayer led and powered by the Holy Spirit.

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