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Jun 7, 2013 | Kerry's Kolumn

Help, my owners are suffering from COBS!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been concerned for my owners. On several occasions they’ve been traipsing great piles of boxes and even fern-iture into our house. Kelsey and I have come to the conclusion that they must be suffering from a serious dose of COBS – Compulsive Obsessive Boxes. It’s made our living room quarters much more cramped for us to sprawl out on – and would you believe they’ve even brought in a sofar from which we have been banned. The sheer humiliation of it! Do any of you dogs out there know how to handle owners suffering from this condition?

A few bowlfuls of food later . . .

It’s alright. The situation is in paw, and on its way to getting saw-ted. I’ve had a chat with my owner. He craves my pardon and indulgence (whatever that means) and assures me that it’s only because they’ve had to clear out his mother in law’s kennels. Phew. It will be so good to be back to normal again. I’d begun to wonder if it they were beyond hope, and whether we were going to have to go on watching them sift and sort things forever. I suppose it’s a good reminder that there are often more reasons to the things that happen than immediately meet the I! Actually, the new fern-iture seems to have ben assimi-simi-simililiulated prittie well.

So we celebrated in the grand old way by going out into the garden and digging a nice deep hole (which for some oddd reason didn’t seem to amuse Mum and Dad much either ) and then we all had a great game of ‘dog in the middle’ with Dad and Dom and another friend. Happy tale chasing folks!
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  1. Dane

    Hi Kerry
    Blanche and I are looking forward to meeting you in the summer (if it ever arrives).

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