The Power of Prayer in Life’s Dark Places

Dec 26, 2014 | Patmos

The Lord comes behind prison bars – an encouragement to remember those who are suffering for their faith.

Our aim in presenting these Patmos tracks is to encourage us to go on praying into the issues raised after the words and music come to and end. Take time to let people and situations come to mind around the world where the people of God are suffering for their faith. May their faithfulness bring about a great harvest of souls!

Wikipedia says “Psalm 126 is a song of joy and of thanks to God. The thanks is reflected in its third verse, “The LORD has done great things for us”. But this is overshadowed by the joyousness of the author. The author is gleeful to return to Zion. In many areas the people who are going out to sow, however, are starving. The only food they could possibly have is the seeds they kept for sowing. The people literally cry when they place their only food in the ground because they know they will receive the harvest. Vs. 5 and 6 are stating that when we give sacrificially to the point of the last portion, God will be faithful to bring in the bountiful harvest. It also shows that those who plan for the future, will be rewarded.”

Some months ago I adapted the words of Emily Bronte’s poem The Prisoner. Let these words, and the moving music we recorded wash over you, and take time once again to pray on behalf of those who find themselves deprived of liberty, or who are struggling to retain hope.


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