The Consequences of the Cuban Thaw

Dec 26, 2014 | Flashpoints, INSIGHTS

In the light of the recent media attention on Cuba, this would be a good time to highlight the article we sent out some months ago when the thaw first looked as though it was setting in.

Most of us will instinctively have felt delighted to see signs of a major thaw in relations between America and Cuba. Many have worked towards this goal, including the present Pope. Bearing in mind all the not good things that flooded into Eastern Europe from the West the moment the Berlin Wall fell, let’s not make the mistake of assuming that all will now be well at every level in Cuba, either for Christians or for the wellbeing of the nation’s soul. .

Lord, we cry to You, as political rapprochement proceeds a pace, let spiritual lukewarmness not set in. Let the land of Cuba not be set aside to a flood of immoral and amoral pleasures that would cause it to be set aside by You. Open people’s hearts rather to the Prince of Peace and to all that is of good and God. Let the joy people have known in You touch many across the nation!
In Jesus name.

Many have commented that the “thaw” does not appear to be in any way dependent on Cuba improving its human rights record towards Christians and other minorities. To see how serious the sitation remains for Christians in Cuba, please see this important summary by Christian Solidarity Worldwide.cuba1


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