May the Lord pierce the dense clouds of smoke over the land of Brazil

Join us in this prayer for Brazil, set to beautiful music, that I have recorded especially for this edition. It is not only smoke from forest fires that hangs over the land, but also from spiritually mixed and confusing sources! Oceans, which generate such a huge... read more

Inside Venezuela – cry out for this country

Out of sight is so easily out of mind – and those presiding over humanitarian disasters often prefer that intense suffering should be kept out of sight. Praise God for the courage, skill and persistence of journalists like Alex Crawford and Stuart Ramsey who have done... read more

Praying for Venezuela

You will have been keeping up to date with the exceptionally tense situatuon in Venezuela, where so many are longing to come out from underneath the yoke of the President who has ruined the country financially. I saw a woman relating that a box of eggs cost 4,500... read more

Praying for Venezuela and other places in great need

Prejudices and abuse are not confined to institutions, and certainly not to any one religion, denomination or political stance. When Ros and I travelled around Pakistan in the 1980’s we were saddened by the suffering of the large number of ‘bonded labourers’... read more

Pray for Venezuela

While the eyes of the world are understandably focused on a plethora of places and issues (Israel, north Korea, the Trump administration, Brexit, Russia and so on) let’s not forget Venezuela, a country ravaged by hyperinflation. To the accompaniment of a lovely guitar... read more