Prophetic words

Ripples of repentance amongst certain prophets

There should surely be a reckoning when people who have taken to heart the word of a prophet are faced with the failure of that word to be fulfilled – and that includes the prophets themselves. It has been encouraging to read and listen to the insights of a number of... read more

Biased ideology: the part that idolatry played in promoting false prophecy

Prophetic words can be life changing – we have certainly benefited more than words can say from words of prophecy and knowledge that godly people have shared with us – but wherever hearts and minds are in any way still conformed to the pattern of the world, then... read more

Still Small Voice – Heeding God’s Love Nudges

I want to celebrate the way the Still Small Voice sows a gentle whisper into our hearts that, if He so chooses, has the power to crystallise into a powerful word that echoes across the seas as if amplified by a megaphone. When strong cross winds blow, the word often... read more