Peace like a river

This is the season that we rejoice that Christ, our Saviour, is born – but there is sorrow for many too, and our reflections on the year past give rise to much sadness. We would like to offer you this recording of the much-loved hymn with words by Horatio Spafford. It... read more

The Joy and Meaning of Retreat

In the summer of 1914, my great uncle Frank, Bishop of Zanzibar and Tanganyika, delivered a series of retreat addresses in London to the Associates of the Community of the Sacred Passion, an order of sisters that he had founded a few years previously. Frank delivered... read more

Come beside Me: My face is peace

Philip Spratley was the music teacher at my middle school, who I had the opportunity to meet again a few years ago. This lovely Lullaby is from his opus 12b: ‘In Outlaw country,’ which he kindly gave us permission to record. May this beautifully played... read more

From the depths of my cowl

In ‘The Choice,’ (p134-5, Hodder and Stoughton) Sister Kirsty, a novice nun, tells of the psychologically damaging effect it was having on her to be constantly coming face to face with stories of great cruelty in the things she read and heard – especially when... read more

The Power of Saying Nothing

What can I answer to thee, I who have spoken so freely, that is, so indiscreetly, and so foolishly? I shall put mine hand upon my mouth. (Job 40:4 WYC) Think of times when you have ‘sounded off’ and been too insistent about something – only to later... read more