Praying for Belgium

Father, we are asking you to touch the heart of the deeply divided country of Belgium which experienced such a shock that it came to a sudden stop on the 22nd March 2016. Now more than ever this country, Lord, that has often been referred to as the cockpit of Europe... read more

Elegy – third movement

We have set this section of Elegy, which is the third movement of the powerful piece of music that Justin Coldstream wrote for us, to a series of meditations linking Jeremiah’s Lamentations to the present plight of people fleeing from ISIL. (It is four and a... read more

How God has used the Coptic Martyrs

Two hundred Assyrian Christians are still being held by ISIL following mass kidnappings in north east Syria close to the Turkish border. The rest of the Christian community in the region have fled. It is a sad moment for society when the salt and light of the... read more