Elegy – third movement

Jul 24, 2015 | Audio-Visual Presentations

We have set this section of Elegy, which is the third movement of the powerful piece of music that Justin Coldstream wrote for us, to a series of meditations linking Jeremiah’s Lamentations to the present plight of people fleeing from ISIL. (It is four and a half minutes long). The narrative moves on through the prophet Daniel’s prayers for his people, before taking in a brief far-reaching sweep of the end times.

We offer this piece to inspire hope and prayer for all in traumatic transit, along with the migrants who are seeking to escape countries such as Libya, as well as for those newly arrived in European countries. From reports we have been receiving, the Lord is touching hearts far and wide – even from amongst the very ranks of ISIL itself.

Click here for the first part of Elegy


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