Songs of Peace

Jul 17, 2015 | Audio-Visual Presentations

Mike and Sue Harris have long been encouraging me to put moving pictures, words and music together; so here is our attempt to do so! In complete contrast to the intensity of many of the themes we have been featuring in recent editions, Jonathan Greenwood propped a camera on a wall earlier this year and took these peaceful shots near Brecon. May the peace off the scene minister to our spirits and lead us where the Lord will!

The music is a treat. When I was 20 years old I watched a film called L’enfant Sauvage, which was accompanied by a truly exquisite piece of recorder music. As a keen recorder player, I longed to know what it was. A few weeks later I was walking along the High Street in Oxford and heard it being played out of one of the windows of St John’s College. I dashed up the staircase, praying the music wouldn’t stop, located the room and learnt  that it was a sopranino concerto by Vivaldi. It has always remained one of my favourite pieces both to play and to listen to, so it was a great joy to record it with Nicola Gerard playing the flute.

We then set the music to some of the Psalms of Ascent this week. We hope you will find them inspiring!

You can also hear the music without words so the Lord can lead you anyway He chooses in prayer and meditation.


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