Faith in the face of life threatening challenges

In Tramp for the Lord Corrie Ten Boom describes the occasion when she found herself preaching in a small country in Africa which had been taken over by a government that was making determined attempts to kill all Christians. As you can imagine she could see the fear... read more

Still Small Voice – Dreams that heal and seal

Then God said to him in the dream . . . (Genesis 20:6) Face-to-face encounters in which we meet the Lord and hear His voice clearly are delightful if relatively rare occurrences, but most of us will have known occasions when He has guided us by means of dreams,... read more

Song of the Wind

The Song of the Wind marks my first sortie into the world of composition, as opposed to writing occasional songs. There’s quite a story behind it. It goes back to a trip we made to Shetland quite a few years after we left the island, We were staying at our old... read more