Prophetic words weighed in the balance and found wanting

Forty years ago, the Lord called me to the work of challenging the Church over the things that grieved His heart, but which most believers were oblivious to. In the course of that journey, there have been a number of watershed moments, when I have had to nail my... read more

Manna for the Soul: Rich Musings on overcoming distractions and uniting our hearts with God

Do you find when you set aside time to ‘mullinate,’ (to pray and ponder in the Lord’s presence) that you are bombarded left, right and centre by all sorts of distracting thoughts? The first thing to remember about these inevitable distractions is that we are on our... read more

Still Small Voice – Seed Nudges that Lead to Long Term Fruit

Click here for part one of this article. By one means or another God is always keener to communicate with us than we are to listen! The more we can train ourselves to develop an inner attentiveness to His voice, the easier He finds it to lead us . . . This brief... read more