Prophetic words weighed in the balance and found wanting

Feb 1, 2021 | INSIGHTS

Forty years ago, the Lord called me to the work of challenging the Church over the things that grieved His heart, but which most believers were oblivious to. In the course of that journey, there have been a number of watershed moments, when I have had to nail my colours to the mast. This has been another such time, and it has been immensely uncomfortable.

One of the issues that has particularly concerned us has been the failure of the people of God to accurately weigh and discern prophetic words. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 11:1 KJ21) – but so many of the things that have been emerging in the recent prophetic flow have been woefully lacking in substance.

In the aftermath of the election not fulfilling what a number of prophets had proclaimed, we have been watching with sadness only too many ‘kicking the can down the road’, refusing to believe either the reality of a free and fair election process, or the fact that the prophets got it wrong. First, there were predictions of a Trump victory in the election; then that the battle would be played out in the court, with the Supreme Court holding the key to overturn the election result. When that failed to come to pass, we were told that the reversal would come in Congress on January 6th. And when even that didn’t happen (despite utterly unlawful attempts to make it do so), then something cataclysmic would occur on the Day of Inauguration itself.

Surely, surely, I reasoned, people would sober up on January 21st and recognise that these prophecies were not fulfilled? Even now, so deep is the delusion, that multitudes are still praying and ‘believing’ that the truth of a rigged election will come to light and Trump be vindicated – perhaps by Easter according to some. This is fantasy, not prophecy! If we were in Mount Carmel territory, Elijah would no doubt have denounced such ‘prophecies’ as so much tarradiddle! But we are not dealing here with prophets of Baal, but with those who very genuinely do know the Lord and walk with Him. It is this that makes this whole matter so very, very painful.

Frankly, the woeful lack of discernment such large parts of the evangelical Church have shown with regard to Trump’s character and pronouncements gives rise to serious concern that, by present reckoning, when Antichrist himself emerges, large parts of the church will fail to spot him.

For exampole, many had been looking on Donald Trump as being a second Jehu ‘to drain the swamp’. One wonders how much they had studied the example of that king – or indeed recognised the degree of corruption in his own life. Jehu undoubtedly did away with much that was evil, and in that sense was successful – but he did nothing to address the idolatry in his own heart or land, and as such was not pleasing to the Lord. The irony here is that so many in the church in certain parts of the church, as well as amongst followers of QAnon, have been guilty of idolising President Trump. The full consequences for this have yet to come home to roost.

A progression of error – and praying for discernment and the ability to test prophecy

This is a snare, and it begins with one little hook and ends with people thoroughly caught and trapped like a fish by bait. The idea of progression is central to the whole problem (Rom. 1:18ff), and it is truly devilish – but also entirely avoidable.

When we fail to glorify and thank God for who He really is, and what He is actually doing, we are easily lead into futile thinking and darkened hearts. We loudly claim wisdom but are actually becoming foolish. (Rom. 1:21-22) Thus it is that we exchange the glory of God for the image of a man (v23) and put our hope in people rather than in the Lord. The great danger then is that God gives us over to the desire of our hearts (v24) and we end up exchanging the truth of God for a lie, worshipping and serving the creature rather than the Creator. (v25)

There is much here that should make us pause and reflect. My concern continues that as believers, we safeguard our spirits from being swept along by strong rhetoric and ideology, and learn how to assess prophecy. We may well take a look at some of these things in more detail in future editions. In the meantime, let us practise true love, and making Christ the centre, remaining fully alert.

Lord, this is such a serious delusion, and it is causing good people to mingle the political with Kingdom matters in really unhelpful ways. Open people’s eyes and hearts to admit the truth their hearts do not want to see. Oh Lord, we plead with You to give Your church wisdom and discernment in testing prophecy – in the UK, in the USA and right across the world. Teach us Lord, how to discern and protect the church from leaping to embrace words that sound attractive but which do not bar your authentic stamp.

Photo by Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash


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