Three Years of humbling for the UK followed by something very good

We are used to the forecasts of meteorologists who study the wind and ocean currents that criss-cross the world. The Lord sees the political, social and spiritual trends and patterns that are swirling and developing around the globe still more clearly than they do.... read more

Coronavirus Matters

Many today, from serious theologians, to firm believers, to interested onlookers are asking the question, ‘Is Coronavirus a plague in the Biblical sense of the word? Don’t look for a dead cert answer here, but from a plethora of articles, I have selected three to help... read more

World Watch: Response to the Corona Virus

I heard a top virologist saying yesterday that COVID-19 is the most frightening infection he has met in twenty years in the profession. He proceeded to explain why he considers it to be still more serious than Ebola or Mers despite the apparently low level of deaths... read more