Three Years of humbling for the UK followed by something very good

Jun 19, 2020 | INSIGHTS, World Watch

We are used to the forecasts of meteorologists who study the wind and ocean currents that criss-cross the world. The Lord sees the political, social and spiritual trends and patterns that are swirling and developing around the globe still more clearly than they do. Our task as watchmen, in no small part, is to seek to sharpen our discernment concerning them.

As we look back over the last few months, with fires and floods and upheaval in governments, followed by Covid and now the violent protests, we are being stretched to the limit as millions wonder what will happen next, and what lies ahead for them, often with very great concern and anxiety. Jesus is still the One, the only One who melts the concrete heart of hatred, and our first and foremost call remains that of Hebrews12:2, to ‘fix our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.’

In other words, we are to continue hoping for and working towards the great moment when the heavenly Jerusalem comes, when Jesus returns and the saints of God rule with Him on Earth. That alone could be the sole topic of this and many another edition.

An Oxford don once asked my great-uncle Bishop Frank Weston if he believed in this great hope. ‘Of course I do,’ Frank replied. To which the don replied, ‘I wish I did – but if I did, I don’t think I would talk about anything else.’

There certainly are a great many people talking about precisely when the heavenly Jerusalem is to be established on Earth. This is one of those seasons in the history of the world and the Church – there have been others such seasons before, not least towards the end of the first millennium – when prophecies concerning end time events come so thick and fast that sifting them can become a major undertaking. May the Lord help us to distinguish between those that bear His authentic stamp and seal, and those that are the product of a fertile imagination and distorted thinking, sometimes laced with demonic deception.

3 Years of humbling for the UK followed by something very good

As you know, we often highlight one or two of those that are going the rounds and share them with you. Here in Britain, we are facing a very uncertain future, with forecasters predicting that our will be the economy worst hit in the world by the Covid crisis – to say nothing of the looming Brexit departure (for which prayer is still entirely necessary). What is the Lord saying about these things? I would like to direct your attention to a prophecy received by a Pastor from Fareham in November 2019 (that is, before the last election and before the Covid crisis – indicating that the UK is going to face three years of deep humbling and chastising, but that this extremely low time will be followed by very great good from God’s hand. (cf 2 Sam. 24:13-15) It is a serious word, and one to take deeply to heart.

As the author of Richard’s Watch, on which many of the links we are offering today are to be found, writes: ‘Prophetic words and visions published herein are for each reader to weigh and test against holy scripture and with the Lord.’ How do you react in your spirit as you read and ponder such a word?

Just after receiving this significant word, (but before he had shared it), Pastor Chris – a fit man in his forties – suffered a seemingly fatal heart attack.

Concerning the origins of Covid-19

Needless to say, the Covid outbreak is a major test of discernment. Was – and is – there more to it than some biological transmission in a wet market in Wuhan? Among some commentators, there is a strong belief that the coronavirus really was developed artificially in a Chinese laboratory. Drawing on the work of serious scientists, and writing earlier this month, the distinguished journalist Charles Moore suggests in The Telegraph that China has very serious questions to answer for in this respect. See this extract from his article on a site that explores current events in the light of Biblical prophecy. Is there a deliberate strategy behind this the pandemic, or is this effectively just ‘conspiracy theory’? Have a read and see what you think.

Prophecy coming to pass: man-made virus

Another prophecy of 2019 revisited re. coronavirus – the Lord reveals its origin

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