World Watch: Response to the Corona Virus

Mar 7, 2020 | PRAY, Prayer Focus for the Nations

I heard a top virologist saying yesterday that COVID-19 is the most frightening infection he has met in twenty years in the profession. He proceeded to explain why he considers it to be still more serious than Ebola or Mers despite the apparently low level of deaths in most countries at the moment. May this brief overview serve as fuel for us to play our part in the (very necessary) global prayer campaign against the virus that Cindy Jacobs has launched.

Let’s keep praying that the Lord will find many ways to use what is happening now it to cause people to realign themselves with Himself.

You may, however, find this article helpful for keeping things in perspective.

In my studies of medieval society, I often came across accounts of plagues devastating towns and regions, leaving hearts and economies broken. Sienna, for instance, is reputed to have lost for fifths of its population as a result of the bubonic plague towards the end of the 14th century. Repeated waves returned in the following years – during which Catherine of Sienna was one of the people who put their lives on the line by going out to minister to the afflicted who would otherwise have been left to die on their own.

We were touched some years ago to watch a powerful presentation by the Riding Lights Theatre Company depicting the story of Eyam, the village in Derbyshire, where the community elected not to flee for safety (and so risk infecting others) when the plague struck, but to stay put and self isolate themselves from the rest of the world. It is a moving story. Three quarters of the village perished.

Lord, as many nations rush full tilt to take preventative action to prepare against the spread of this virus, we pray for all who find themselves caught in the maelstrom. First of all those who are infected, and then the many affected as a result of being in lock down or quarantine.

Be with the students of Italy, Lord, now that all the schools and universities have been closed. Find ways to make use of this enforced changes to make Your voice heard, and Your Word known. Help parents, too, with the practicalities and logistics.

Be, too, with those caught up at one stage removed: especially the many employees of Flybe that has ceased to trade with immediate effect – and the major knock on effects this will have on airports such as Exeter, Southampton, Belfast, Newquay, Bristol and Aberdeen.

We continue to pray for leaders of governments to be led by You and to know how to respond. May they take neither more nor less action than is best and wisest. In Jesus’ name.


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