American elections

Heart Cry for America, Part One

The Lord has called me to be a watchman. Some watchmen stand atop a watchtower: my own watching is done from a basement with a viewless window! Nevertheless, I roam far and wide in my watchings, and the scale and intensity of developments in the world in these last... read more

Homing in on the American Election (1)

Our perspective as believers should ever remain first and foremost spiritual: Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. The moment we suppose – and trumpet – that God is only on our side, we risk becoming blinkered in outlook and end up grieving the Lord, who does not... read more

Why has God allowed this seismic shock to surprise the States?

You will all have been doing your best to see beyond all the hype and propaganda associated with the thoroughly unpleasant American election campaign, and to see what the Lord may be doing through this surprise result. I have been more than happy hitherto not to have... read more