Praying Light into the Darkness

Feb 13, 2020 | Artistry and Poems, Soundcloud Prayers

I love the light that is kept continually lit in chapel sanctuaries to remind us of the Lord’s presence – and I love the expression in Psalm 104:2 that the Lord ‘wraps Himself in light.’

Our eyes register an astonishing number of colours; even our computers can display tens of thousands. Yet what are they compared with the greater glory of Heaven’s light? The night will give way to the dawn, and all that is grey and faded will pass, and we will experience far more splendid spectrums of light than ever we could know on Earth. There are few more wonderful themes to study in the Scriptures than the light of God!

Here is a prayer from the heart, calling out for the Lord to shine His light into the lives of those who find themselves surrounded by oppressive darkness.

Thank you, Lord, that light was the first thing that You pronounced good – You who are the only immortal God, and who dwell in the unapproachable light of divine glory (1 Tim. 6:16). Let Heavenly light break through into the dark and disordered situations that we bring You now.

We come boldly before You now to give You the dark places of the world, and people in both inward and external prisons. Visit the dark places of this earth, where souls find themselves in the grip of profound loneliness or trapped in poverty. Come into the isolation wards where victims of contagious diseases are confined, and where carers as well as sufferers are encumbered in severely limiting protective suits.

Visit those who pass their days in the intense distress of fever’s grip – and those who fear its onset.

Come visit those who are regarded, or who regard themselves for whatever reasons, as pariahs; that they may know themselves not forgotten but rather the Beloved of the Lord. Yes, Lord, touch those who have been betrayed or pushed out to the margins – and move on behalf of those who are seeking to move on or to move out of their present homes or circumstances: be their Placer and Provider. Raise up those on the seeming margins of things to speak truth to centres of power.

Move in power to turn things round on behalf of those who know that only You can turn enable them to move on: be their Placer and Provider.

Be both comforter and rescuer of those oppressed by controlling commanders and ruling structures.

Be both inward and outward Liberator to know the best and proper strategies to adopt in the face of constant discouragements.

Praise you, King of Glory, as You hear our praise and heart felt cries as dispense Your endless victories of love.

Those in hospital or doing long and boring night time shifts, who find themselves longing for the dawn to break.

Those in the grip of those predawn fears which so easily assume such faith-dampening proportions.

Make use of these hammer blows of dread and fear to goad and propel many souls to cry out long and loud to You – and then scatter dark thoughts by the power of Your Word.

Thank You for how different it feels when faith cuts in and morning breaks, as fears recede as hope and trust resume their life-giving flow.

Thwart evil plots that are hatched and carried out in darkness. We grieve that so many choose to follow the works and practices of darkness over and above the light, resisting the advances of the light, because it exposes dark things in them, and leaves them with no hiding place.

Yet the Light has come and You have overcome the darkness and all that belongs to it, and we know something of the radiance of the glory of God every time we worship You. May we keep our eyes firmly on You Jesus and on your Word, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in our hearts. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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