Into Your Hands

Jan 23, 2020 | Devotions and Reflections, INSIGHTS

It is so precious to start each day with as enthusiastic a ‘Deo Gratias’ as we can manage in our sleepy state, consciously greeting the Lord and devoting th eday to Him. If you have not listened to it recently, we prepared this presentation to help us prepare to meet with Him and to receive His leading through the day: See Deo Gratis – ‘Thanks be to God’

It works well to greet the Lord every morning and to say, ‘Come Lord, by Your Spirit direct every part of my life this day!’ It is good to pray something equivalent at the end of the day to round things off, and to prepare for the night ahead. As a friend in Malvern prays:

Bless my body to rest and heal, this night, Lord Jesus
Bless my soul this night with peace and balance
I commit my spirit, joined with Your Holy Spirit,
to worship, learn and observe all You have for me this night.

Enjoying languages as I do, I like to use the Latin form of Jesus’ words from the cross: ‘In manus tuas, Pater, commendo spiritum meum,’ (Into Your hands, Father, I commit my spirit). (Luke 23:46).

How much better is that than worrying about the things we haven’t done, or having imaginary conversations with ourselves about things that might, or might not ever happen?

Lord I yield everything afresh to You – plans, position, possessions – along with everything that still needs to be put right and attended to.

‘In manus tuas, Pater, commendo spiritum meum.’

Enjoy these musical and prayerful reflections, beginning with these lovely pieces from Taize.


Finally, here are two songs that I have written, the first for the morning and the second, ‘lullaby style’ as we go to bed, plus as a ‘bonus track’ a lovely reflection that we have called ‘At the end of the day.’

Ruach Breath of Life · Into This Morning


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