My chair, Our Table, His Door

Jan 22, 2014 | Devotions and Reflections, From the heart

We have greatly benefited over the years from Hillsong’s always relevant and vivacious teaching, so it was a great joy for Ros and Dom to visit the largest of the three bases in Sydney. As always the worship was fantastic, but Ros was fascinated to hear the message from Robert Ferguson, an Englishman who has been living in Australia for something like thirty years. He had recently paid a visit back to England in order to thank the people who have been most significant on his spiritual pilgrimage. High amongst these was David Huggett, the wife of popular Christian author Joyce Huggett  (who he is caring for as she now has dementia).

It was then a great surprise and joy to Ros to hear Robert expounding the history and virtues of many precious saints of God through the centuries, exploring many of the names of people who mean a lot to us and who one wouldn’t necessarily have expected to hear named in a Hillsong setting. Old friends indeed! Robert spoke of hermits, who have been set apart by God, whose prayers have shaped human and spiritual kingdoms, monks whose communal life has made a huge impact on their region, and friars who took to the road to preach the Word of God.

The first thing David Hugget did was to challenge Robert, ‘How is your spiritual condition?’ He did not ask that question lightly! We are still near enough to the New Year to merit asking ourselves the same question.

Robert ended with a lovely set of images: My chair – speaking of the place of intimacy where we are quiet and intimate with the Lord,

My table – speaking of our ministry of hospitality, and all the people we make welcome in the name of the Lord, and

His door – all the opportunities that He opens for us. Let’s use these images as a basis for prayer!


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