Links and Continuity: Science and Apologetics

Apr 10, 2015 | INSIGHTS

History has often been “divided” in the past into Political History on the one hand, and Social and Economic History on the other. I never quite understood why these themes were treated separately – as if understanding the causes to certain  conflicts were more important than the vital social reforms men such as Barnardo and Lord Shaftesbury undertook in Victorian Britain. So far as I am concerned it is all history – and since history is His Story, it can help us to understand the links and causes behind events, whether personal or international.

There has been much talk in the news recently about the restarting of the vast CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. Is the discovery of the Higgs Bosun so called “God” particle a valuable contribution to our understanding of how the universe began, or the most expensive white elephant in history? The cost of this vast 27 kilometre tunnel underneath Switzerland is something else . . . in order to keep its LHC magnets maintained at -271.3° –colder than outer space(!) – requires enough electricity to fuel 300,000 British homes for a year.

Sadly, millions today would call themselves agnostics simply because of the supposed incompatibility between faith and science. Keep praying for the Lord to raise up bridges to help people across the supposed gap!

You will probably have located your own resources on this subject, but the following might also be of interest: (The website did say that this was for fun!

You might find food for thought in some of these quotes too:

Part of the delight of our faith is the sheer variety in which it has been manifested through the centuries. Abraham responding to a radical call of God looks very different from a nation crossing the Jordan to take possession of the Promised Land – which in turn is entirely different from the ministry of fervent far sighted prophets who kept people’s faith alive in the aftermath of the exile in Babylon, which in turn became the foundation for the fervent communities of faith that have gathered in Jesus’ name from the days of the Acts of the Apostles onwards in myriad shape and forms – from the highly stylized to the exuberantly free.


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