God’s Not Dead

Apr 10, 2015 | General

God’s Not Dead – Invite your friends to watch this powerful film!

I love everything that aids devotion to Christ, but I also greatly love and value apologetics – that is, the ability to defend and explain the heart of the gospel to others. With “experience” ever more people’s primary benchmark and first port of call, it is so important to have the capacity to embrace both the rational and the experiential.

Dom recently introduced us to a brilliant YouTube film of practical Christian apologetics that makes its point attractively and powerfully: God’s not dead!

The film “works” for people of any age from upward of thinking eleven or twelve year olds or so. It certainly made a profound impact on our church youth group. We would highly recommend downloading it from Youtube, (It is worth paying a pound extra to watch it in HD if your TV supports it)


I was blessed in my formative Christian years to be nurtured by ministers who knew how to share the faith in ways that appeal to the reason and which facilitate rather than fight against the Spirit: praise God for the likes of David Watson, Michael Green, John Collins, (a former vicar of HTB) and so on!

I learned from books such as Paul Little’s How to give away your faith that most people’s questions revolve around a comparatively small number of issues with many variations. Souls are rarely won by perfect answers, but it is important to have ready responses to people’s questions. No one book can cover everything, but this is a good starter. Time for some dusting off the cobwebs and brushing up our ability to explain the gospel perhaps? Are we still praying for people to come to the Lord or have we lost our focus and fervour when it comes to praying and reaching out to not yet believers? May God inspire our tongues to speak for Him with just the right words. When we think our words woefully inadequate, I never cease to marvel how He takes from the tenor of them and applies them in just the way He needs to do!

May we reach out and touch the hem of Jesus’ cloak today and receive a fresh empowering – and then “go home and tell what great things the Lord has done for us!” (Mark 5:28,19)

Here are a few links and resources to aid our brushing up:


There are many useful sites to help with specific questions (e.g. http://www.josh.org/resources/study-research/answers-to-skeptics-questions/what-makes-the-bible-so-specia/). From trying a few for size, however, I think I would recommend http://www.gotquestions.org/
See also:http://www.theocca.org/ (The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics)


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