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Dec 12, 2012 | Kerry's Kolumn

Picture caption – This is my illustrious predecessor Weston Woof, and here is me on the back seat of the car ready for the off on the Common.

I was so relieved when my brother Kelsey and I first came to live with Robert Ros and Dominic. It was midnight and we had come all the way from Exmouth with them, but I knew that this was going to be our HOME! You see we have had four homes within the last six weeks, and we were desperate to settle. I knew immediately that this was more than just another temporary home, and even though it was so late I told our new owners straight away that I was enormously grateful to them, because I would no longer have to bear the full responsibility for my brother. (Kelsey is lovely, the easiest chap in the world to live with, but he’s not so emotionally intelligent as I am. (I am the brains as well as the beauty in our team – he’s good for brawn and is profusely affectionate into the bargain).

Our new owners understand us perfectly, but I’m sure you’ll understand that every good dog enjoys an occasional outing – an ‘expotition’ as Winnie the Pooh would have called it.  , Unlike my rather more staid brother I am no exception!

Before we get to some of my wilder capering’s, let me explain what’s happened to us recently so you’ll get to know us better. When my owner died in Ireland, the rest of his family for some extraordinary reason no longer wanted to be saddled with two dogs. They must need their tails examining. We find this inexplic-er something or other, because most people who meet us usually fall in love with us within minutes. We are so at ease with each other that we find it easy to give ourselves to people.
When we first meet Robert, Ros and Dom, we rather went overboard to impress them – you see we had been in a pound in Ireland where we would have been put to sleep, whatever that means, if we hadn’t been rescued within seven days. (That seems a very strange idea to us because we have never had any difficulty going to sleep when we want to).

When we got to Mall-vern we found that our owners had recently erected  a large trellis fence because our illustrious predecessor (who was a lively young collie) had a unique vertical take-off capability. Apparently she had cleared the first fence Robert and Ros had put up with ease. Something about the Fosbury Flop technique I believe . . . I prefer the more subtle approach. Everyone tells me how soft and silky my head is, but the great Creator of Canines has also made it hard and strong and I know how to shove and push my way through any obstacle.

For some reason my predecessor never had the nouse to look the other way and to push through a seemingly impenetrable hedge into the other next-door neighbour’s garden. If you put your head and charge hard thorns and brambles are no match for a determined canine. I soon became a regular visitor where I was petted but not really wanted. Oh well.
The visits did not cease immediately because Robert and Rosalind were convinced that certain parts of the fence really were impenetrable and therefore only fenced off part of the boundary. They soon learned better! I then found a place behind the sanctuary shed and wiggled my way through into the next door’s garden, which itself had a hole in its fence which released me to go exploring in the neighbourhood. I met so many interesting people who all ended up bringing me back again –I must confess that my sat nav had become disoriented.

To cut a long story short almost every Saturday saw Robert and Ros adding new layers of fencing to turn their garden into what they rather bizarrely called ‘Alcatraz’. They even put pallets across one of my favourite escape routes – quite forgetting that it was easy for me to use these as a ladder and to leap onto the top of the hedge and down the other side.
At the moment I’m having to consider my options I really can’t think of another way to escape at the moment but hope springs eternal and I do so enjoy running flat out on the fantastic walks there are round Mall-vern – and I can always relive my expo-titions when I doze  in front of the fire!

Kerry-and-Kelsie-on-benchYou are most welcome to d-mail us at any time you like!
With our love,
Kerrie and Kelsey, aka Paws and Claws


  1. Andy Holt

    Dear Rob, I have just discovered the delights of Kelseys Kolumn. Thanks so much, it brings a smile to my lips just thinking about it. Is it going to become a book? Lots of Love, Andy

  2. Sally Prittie

    Completely agree Andy! It has taken me very happily back into a doggy world with much amusement.

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