It’s Time – A Poem by Suzie Hunt

Aug 6, 2014 | Artistry and Poems, Audio-Visual Presentations


It is time.
It is time
and My Heart is breaking
for the sheep and the goats are being divided.
The cracks are starting to show and you [often] feel distraught,
for some whom you nurtured are straying far from the pen,
and some whom you looked to as shepherds are being shown to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Your heart is breaking for them as surely as Mine is.

It is time…
And just as My Heart broke at the parting from My Son
so My Heart breaks now as the goats for whom I yearn forsake the safety of the pen.
How blinded they have been!
They still think of themselves as My sheep
but your words of pleading are having no effect in changing their hardened hearts.
Yet all the time your heart is becoming ever more tender and more tender,
mirroring My Heart in feeling the loss of each one – . . .
It is time My Children.
It is time to be strong in Me.
It is time to wait on Me and for Me.
And to seek only Me
If you will do these things you will see Me rise victorious,
riding out time and time again to strike mortal blows on your enemy and mine.

But it is MY Strength.
MY Power
and above all, My Glory
for I AM the great I AM
and My Purposes will not be thwarted.

Be strong, not discouraged
and above all do not fear for I am near.

Suzie Hunt
13 July 00


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