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Jun 16, 2022 | Flashpoints, INSIGHTS, PRAY, Prayer Focus for the Nations, World Watch

Britain is now likely to find itself returning to a time of less predictable politics – not quite, we hope, to the tumultuous days of the last parliament when there was no clear majority and a great deal of bad temper all round – but with a leader who is showing no signs of intending to resign if he can avoid it, and who finds himself endorsed now by little more than half his own troops. He remains in office for the time being, but whether he will still be in ‘power’ remains to be seen. The danger of continued in-fighting and even internal paralysis increases. May the Lord overrule how all this continues and develops.

Turmoil on the Home Front with regard to European Law

Human nature is so often governed by the desire to garner popularity and favour (and votes in the case of politicians!) and to avoid loss and causing offence unnecessarily. In the case of Boris Johnson, however, one sometimes wonders whether he does not relish the challenge of being controversial – as well as espousing what he hopes will be popular ‘populist’ policies.

No surprise then that longstanding rumblings about institutions belonging to a European Union that we are no longer part of should have come to the fore again. To a large extent that was what Brexit was all about. But how sad that the prospect of a possible withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights should take centre stage in what looks like a fit of pique against an EU judge refusing to permit a planeload of would-be asylum seekers heading off to Rwanda.

Where and to what is the compass needle of our social conscience pointing?

As Linda prayed, ‘We were once known for our kindness towards asylum seekers. Let us not now use them, even a few of them, as pawns to make a political point that will have no effect anyway. When we reduced our overseas aid that was certainly the start of a slippery slope. Lord, would You intervene and halt the decline… restore our dignity and purpose as a nation, for which You have plans.

That is certainly an issue to pray about – and likewise the fact that we are now in breach of the Northern Ireland protocols agreed with Brussels, with the inevitable result that the EU is contemplating taking action against us.

This is looking set to get very feisty – and at the very time when unrest is spreading like wild fire across numerous professions because of the huge increase in the cost of living.

Many of us remember clearly the Winter of Discontent, Lord, but now we are increasingly moving towards a summer of discontent. We pray that you will be Lord of negotiations in all the industries now contemplating strikes: railways, bus drivers, council refuse workers and many others too – quite apart from foundational matters relating to our structural allegiance, or otherwise, to European institutions.

Be Lord of government intentions at this time, and the gap between them and their stated intentions and what actually transpires. Be Lord of the cabinet, Lord of the civil service and of our country’s future we pray in Jesus’ name.

Many years ago, I remember the Lord saying to me that it is not a good thing when the Conservatives get a large majority because they quickly become complacent (which is not good for the more fibre of the nation).

We pray now that You will be Lord of how the widespread unhappiness that so many are feeling towards Boris Johnston plays out and expresses itself. Have mercy at this time when clear leadership is needed on so many fronts.

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash


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