What the Scouts see

Jun 16, 2022 | INSIGHTS

In Revelation 4, we see that the cherubim, seraphim and all the other living creatures we glimpse in Heaven are perpetually worshipping the Lord, in both sound and action. They fall down before Him, and cast their crowns at His feet, singing and serving with all their being. (Isaiah 6, Revelation, Ezekiel 1 and 10)

That is what is going on in Heaven, but what of heavenly activity on Earth? I love the image in the prophet Zechariah of ‘scouts’ going out from the presence of the Lord to survey what is going on across the world. Scripture strongly suggests that these angelic beings have an intimate awareness of every pertaining to life here.

There is a profound and ongoing connection between Earth and Heaven! (At the same time, of course, we know that it is not only Heaven that watches over events here – satanic forces also roam to and fro, howling and prowling (Job 1:6 ff, 1 Peter 5:8) But remember that, while satan is described as a lion, we are in the watchful care of the great Lion of Judah.)

Zechariah also reveals that the scouts report back to Heaven on what they witness on the Earth. There was even a time when they reported that there was peace on Earth, something has only rarely been the case in its human history! (Zech. 1:11, cf thirdmill.org/articles).

What do you suppose they are reporting on now?

Perhaps, as the people of God celebrated Pentecost, a scout looked down at the closing carnival of the Queen’s 70th Jubilee making its way up the Mall, and saw all the buses celebrating iconic moments through the decades. What would they tell the Lord about the course Britain has set for herself? What of her passions and desires and faith and the way we have pursued our calling as a nation?

Sally Mowbray was looking out at all the beacons lit over the UK and was reminded of prophetic words about lights springing up all over the UK and reaching out to Europe and beyond. Might that watcher angel catch a glimpse of hearts crying out to the Holy Spirit to descend on us and empower us afresh with unstoppable witness to His grace and love?

The Lord is seeking those who will partner with Him to accomplish His purposes. When we hear Heaven’s call, and seek to understand things from Heaven’s perspective, we begin making that sound that, as Godfrey Birtill put it, attracts Heaven to Earth. Always, we are to be Heaven-centred. (Since we are reading words about sound on a page, perhaps we might also spell that, Heaven-sent – and Heaven-scented!)

So, when it comes to understanding contemporary and current scenarios, it is important to keep our eyes on the Lord Himself rather than only on the issues we are concerned about. The really great prayers in the Hebrew Bible manage to keep their focus firmly on God in His might and sovereignty despite all manner of pressuring problems. Our quest is to discern His viewpoint, and to ask ‘What is the Spirit of God saying to His people in this season and about these issues?’ By what spirit are things happening?

There are sure to be issues that many consider to be of Him but which in reality are not. Deceptions and distortions stalk the people of God, not least because when we see clearly, and focus truly, we become a very great threat to the kingdom of darkness. And then there are those situations which we somehow manage to forget entirely to bring before Him.

Lord, please help us to live in the awareness that we are surrounded by Heaven, and that all that we are and do and say might contribute to making Your glory known in our generation. Inform our minds and fire our spirits to carry forward the work of Christ.
Light fires of revival, and let the touch of Heaven rest on all that we speak, do, create and are.


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