Further on and Further in

Aug 16, 2016 | Audio-Visual Presentations

How the Lord is longing to take us into a richer, deeper awareness of His presence that takes us beyond our narrow self-focus and adds meaning, colour and experience to every aspect of our lives. We have prepared something special along these lines for you in this edition, featuring the second part of the Idyll that I wrote recently, and which Justin Coldstream kindly arranged for instruments.

Sally Mowbray has excelled herself in creating perhaps the most sumptuous You Tube she has yet designed, highlighting something of the processes by which the Lord draws us closer to Himself. Thank you so much, Justin, Sally, Colin who recorded it, and all who the musicians who played it: Shirley Richards, Helen Rees, Catherine Muncey, Jo Garcia, Corinne Frost, Nicola Gerrard, Amy Roberts and Justin himself.

May the Lord draw us all further on and further in along our pilgrimage, and continue to bless and watch over us.

To watch without the words



  1. Howard Porter

    Absolutely brilliant. A heavenly call to draw near, to listen and be refreshed and inspired.

  2. Laurie Klein, Scribe

    Breathtaking! Oh, well done, Robert, and Ros, Sally (such compelling images and mood changes, visually!) and consummate musicians. Precious and memorable.

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