From the Heart Recording weekend

Jul 20, 2013 | General, INSIGHTS

From the Heart really was from the heart!

We have just come back from two phenomenal days at Regents Bible College, regents4completing the recording project we began back in March: this time in the company of thirty-five invited friends as well as of twenty or so anointed musicians.

We had wondered how this arrangement would work as we ‘built’ pieces up from initial sight-reading to recordable levels.  We have had many texts and emails expressing the joy and privilege people found in seeing the whole process unfurl with so much humililty and consensus amongst the musicians. These two comments sum up and reflect the comments of many:

Thank you so much for a heavenly time in God’s presence with wonderful people and wonderful music.

Dear Robert & Ros,

A huge thank you for the honour of being “present” to pray for the recording, instead of praying from a distance. It has been so blessed a time for me . . . the lovely card in my room, the sharing of your anniversary cake, the venue, the delightful folk taking part, the ability to put a face to the names I have read about, and, above all, the overwhelming presence of Jesus.

Bless you both for all the hard work you have put into the beautiful tapestry of music, words, prayer that will be woven together from the strands that evolved over the days.

I pray protection on every note and word produced and strength for you, Robert, with Colin, to draw the best from the treasures offered, which will reach many to open hearts and minds, and to re-clothe in His love. The yearning of the Father’s heart, [which is] to be made known to those in darkness, will be made easier through the offering of those gifts which come through such beautiful music.

With deep love to you both, and thank you for opening my heart and mind to His never ending beauty. regents2

We had put together a schedule that aimed for the stars – and once again the Lord and His wonderful musicians stepped up to the mark and came  close to achieving the utterly impossible. It was a particular joy to welcome several players for the first time, including Anthony (trumpet) and Geth (world folk music). Everyone fitted in so well as we played everything from intimate worship to beautiful baroque and dynamic folk music. There is an enormous amount here that is going to bless over the months and years ahead!


Extreme Weather

Back in March you will remember that we had to contend with extreme weather conditions in the shape of howling winds and sub-zero temperatures. This time we gathered in the hottest weather Malvern has experienced for decades!

Everyone was so resilient and gracious, despite the fact that we had to close doors and windows for the actual recordings, which made temperatures . . . interesting to say the least! No one got uptight – even when favourite pieces had to be laid aside because we didn’t have time to include them. The swimming pool was particularly appreciated too at the end of the day!regents1

Terry Charlton and Mission Africa

We combined this event with a celebration of our thirty years of marriage and ministry together. Terry Charlton shared powerfully about his work with Mission Africa. People loved meeting him in person rather than just through his reports, and to witness first-hand his compassion and humility. There are, as ever, some really breath-taking accounts in the article we are including with this send out from his most recent trip. Please do take the time and trouble to read them and share prayerfully in this precious harvest.

Sheena Tranter and the Bristol Network

We also invited Sheena Tranter, a close friend of Roger and Angie Allen, to share a little of what she has been up to in the Bristol region. She had a vision to bring Christians together to pray for the city, and on Pentecost Sunday last year, between 5 and 6,000 met together in Ashton Gate football stadium, which involved more leaders coming together than have ever convened together before in the history of Bristol. As they spoke out some of God’s prophetic purposes for the city, including a pioneering and a healing spirit, a number of people were spontaneously touched and healed even as the declarations were being made.

This year, Sheena organised a gathering in an historically significant park, with a similar number of people present, to celebrate and pray for the work of God in the different spheres of life in the city: Arts and Media, Business and Workplace, Education and Young People, Family, Politics and Social Action, Sport and Health.


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