Anniversary Matters and Two Songs from 30 years ago

Jul 20, 2013 | Devotions and Reflections

ChesterWhen we think of all the threads that were represented by the gathering at the From the Heart recording weekend, with friends from Shetland to Dresden, it was really mind-blowing. Four out of five of the Christian parents from Ruth’s nursery school group were also present (the fifth had been unable to take the time off work but is making up for that by heading off to spend a year at Bethel in California).

All our four year olds were in the same nursery class together in Chester back in …. well back then anyway!  and we’re all still in touch . . .

Precious Threads

Simon Hunt led us in a simple and lovely communion service. When we held our twenty-fifth anniversary celebration five years ago, our son Tim had the sudden idea that we should renew our marriage vows –and and Simon led us beautifully in doing so then. This time he brought a poignantly powerful message about threads, linking it to the communion cup he had brought with him – a glass goblet with an exquisite golden thread running through it. Once again God combined a really challenging schedule with tender companionship as we caught up with these dear and trusted friends. Thank you so much if you were one of those who prayed for this event.

It was on the second morning of our honeymoon in the Lake District that I woke up with the second of these songs. (I had to zoom off to scribble it down on the back of an envelope!) Ros can clearly remember me playing the first one to her a couple of years earlier, on my guitar in the community we were then part of in Oxford. In honour of our anniversary, I asked Janey Petterson to slip these two songs into our schedule.

She sang the first song as if from The Father to His child – and then switched to a (much!) higher register to sing as if from the child to the Father.
My Child

My Lord I am Your Child


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