Prayer for Syria

Jul 25, 2013 | Prayer Focus for the Nations

Although we no longer host prayer and worship conferences in the way we used to do, we aim to provide material through our sendouts that bring something of the quality of both the music and the intercession right into your hearts and homes. We hope you will be able to make good use of this prayer for the Middle East.

Syria can feel a long way away, and very difficult to pray about. But if we had a husband, mother or brother out there, we would feel quite differently. At a meeting of Ephiphany recently I adapted prayer topics suggested by Syrian Christians, and have gone on to record it here, as well as expanding the prayer to cover the wider situation in the Middle East. Please honour our Christian brothers and sisters in that pressurised part of the world by taking the time to join in this heartfelt prayer.

The beautiful and heartfelt Notturno that accompanies much of these prayers was written by Philip Spratley, the music teacher at my old Middle School, whom I haven’t spoken to since I was fourteen. I had a nudge a few weeks  ago to follow him up, however, and he willingly drove all the way up from the Lincolnshire coast to give us his blessing to record his music. It comes from the Outlaw Suite, a new piece he has written for strings.

There is also an extract from a piece I wrote back in March called Frankincense, and some other music that Geth Griffith sketched out with the specific intention that I should pray over it. May you capture the Lord’s heart very deeply as you lift up your eyes and embrace the whole Middle Eastern scene in prayer.
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Prayer for the Middle East

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  1. Peter Dixon

    Many thanks for these prayers; it’s so good see heartfelt prayers being concentrated upon countries within the Middle East……these are significant times for this region and we can especially relate to the emphasis upon Egypt . We were there a few weeks ago on an exploratory visit to Cairo and believe that the Lord is calling us there. We’d appreciate your prayers – that there would be a confirmation of this calling. It is a hard place to go to! It’s easier for Christians to go to other countries of the world; the middle East is a hard place. Every blessing, P & W

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