Easter Blessings to one and all: Join with the worship in the Cave Church in Cairo!

Apr 13, 2017 | Audio-Visual Presentations, Song Presentations

God raised Jesus from the dead and set him free from the agony of death, because death could not hold him (Acts 2:24 EXB).

If there is one thing that so-called IS, Communism and consumerism have in common it is that they have no time for the claims of Jesus. The One who came to save the world remains unwanted by many in His own world. Many regimes consider Him a spent force, but whether conditions outwardly are favourable or not to the spread of the gospel, Jesus is at work in incredible power in so many people’s hearts.

It was during the Fire from the Isles conference that I first heard the extraordinary story of the Cave Church in Cairo, in which great glory falls as people seek the Lord. Behind any great move of God you will find human channels – and costly sacrificial decisions. When the Lord called Farahat Ibrahim to minister to the thousands of garbage collectors in Cairo, it took six months for him and his wife to reach a place of willingness to work in that most insalubrious of environments.

How God has honoured this ministry, just as He did when Jackie Pullinger started to reach out to the drug addicts in Hong Kong! A major fruit of this is the remarkable discovery of a massive cave – in which meetings are now held to the glory of God. Something like 70,000 people attend the Cave Church every week – and there have been numerous healings and salvation.

Enjoy this clip of thousands of Arabic Christians calling on the name of the Lord Jesus. Drink it in to the full this Easter time – and make it a springboard for praying for Egypt and the whole of the Middle East!

Worship from the wonderful Cave church

You may well enjoy the worship clips that follow on from those sites too . . .

More worship from the Cave Church

From Garbage to Glory: This article provides helpful background information to how this work of God came about.

More of the story about how Farahat Ibrahim (who later became Father Simon) was persuaded to launch out on this utterly challenging mission.

Banner picture “Cave Church Cairo” by Vagabondblogger is licensed under CC BY 2.0



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