A Brexit Panorama in Prayer

Mar 28, 2019 | Events to pray for, Flashpoints, Prayer Focus for the Nations, World Watch

I woke this morning with a strong sense to read chapters 9-14 of Jeremiah, and felt one verse after another lighting up and standing out. I knew immediately that it would be good to turn this into a prayer for everything related to Brexit: a suitable follow on to Anna’s call yesterday for us all to serve as the Lord’s watchmen and women.

In this uneasy hiatus between the inconclusive indicative votes last night and the next round of this ongoing saga, it feels like the right time to release such a prayer.

This is not a Bible study as such – please read the chapters yourself for that – rather it is an panoramic overview set to stunning music, including powerful pieces by Justin Coldstream and Corelli, along with a further glorious piece by Monteverdi, following the one we released in the Mashal a couple of days ago.

The better the speakers you play this piece through the more you will appreciate it!

It was a great blessing that Colin was free to prepare the recording. And, for the first time, Sally Mowbray joins us as a reader. She has a lovely voice, and it is a delight to hear her.

Because this was an extempore prayer I accidentally said ‘English’ democracy when I should have said ‘British!

May this presentation stir your spirits and bless your hearts.


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